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Safe Legal Process

In house  bonded licensed public mover. We provide a better and safer solution for our clients for this legal process by knowing and obeying the law while working hand and hand with local sheriffs and constables. We protect you and your client from reputational risk, costly claims and litigation involving wrongful eviction, personal injury, liable and slander, theft conversion and damage to personal property and the associated fines, penalties and punitive damages.

Risk Management

Evictions are part of the legal process and must be managed accordingly to protect from significant financial risk. Our vast database enables us to know the law, by county, but most importantly we work closely with the sheriffs to make sure the job is done in a timely and efficient manner with the least amount of spent resources.  

Experienced & Reliable

We handle all facets of the eviction and lockout process  the day of the eviction which includes communicating with the client, broker, sheriff and crew. We secure the property and leave it in broom swept condition while handling the personal property in accordance with local law which may include off-site moving and storage. We are in constant communication and view proper photos in real time via the latest industry technology. 

Our Services

Manages evictions in all 50 states. We are a licensed public mover who also does trash-outs, debris removal, junk removal and yard clean-outs. We also perform household moves within the Intrastate area of NJ and PA.


We carry $1,000,000/$2,000,000 limits for commercial general liability and errors and omissions.  Our clients are also automatically added as additional insureds. Our worker's compensation gives $1,000,000 under employer's liability. We also provide care, custody and control coverage for personal property, cargo, and commercial automobile, including hired and non-owned automobile liability coverage. Allegations of theft, conversion and damage to personal property are covered by our insurance.

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